When it gets really hot and sunny outside, where would you rather be? Out in the sun, or underneath the shade of a tree? Many of us have differing opinions on this, but we can all agree on the fact that it is cooler underneath a tree. This is not only because of it giving us shade from the sun, but trees also release moisture into the air, further cooling it down.

That same principle can benefit your home as well. By having trees growing near your home, you can actually lower your cooling costs by as much as 10%. Considering how expensive energy is, that is quite significant. There are a few risks connected with this to keep in mind however. For one thing, some trees are more likely than others to attract wood boring insects. Unfortunately, this is often the case with trees that grow quickly. Another reason why those trees are a poor choice is that they are less durable, thus more likely to fall over or lose branches in a storm.

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