There are many animals that are protected by law because of a dwindling population. While this is very important, it can sometimes cause problems for a homeowner, such as when their home is under assault by a woodpecker. Getting a woodpecker to leave your home with non-lethal methods will definitely prove to be a challenge.

Why do woodpeckers start digging into your walls? The answer is usually that they are looking for food. Woodpeckers have amazing eyesight and hearing, so much so that they can hear insects living inside of your walls from quite a distance away. Once they have located the insects, they will go to work to get them out.

If you have a problem with woodpeckers, it is likely that you also have a problem with wood-boring insects, so fixing one problem might solve the other. It is worth contacting a pest exterminator to see what they can find.

You can also try to limit access to the areas that the woodpecker seems interested in with some type of netting that they can’t get through.

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