Do you ever give your toilet a second thought? We all use it every day, but it might not be one of the major concerns that we have on our minds. Your toilet could be the cause of some serious problems though. If water were to leak out of it, it could cause serious disease for you and damage to your home. Even if your toilet was to stop working, it would be a major headache for you.

So what should you look for to make sure your toilet is in good shape? Any cracks that appear in either the tank or the bowl are very serious. Since there isn’t any easy way to repair that, replacing your toilet as soon as possible is recommended.

Other issues, such as with the flushing mechanism or the handle you can fix yourself fairly easily with parts you can pick up at any hardware store. A rocking toilet seat could turn into something serious, so you should get someone to fix that as soon as possible as well.

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