Have you ever been in the bathroom with something that you think could be flushed down the toilet, but aren’t entirely sure it’s a good idea? Well, in that case, the answer is no, it isn’t a good idea. Toilets are only made for handling a few basic things, and these are toilet paper and human waste. Anything else runs the risk of plugging up the toilet for you. Some parents have the idea that diapers could go down the toilet, but this would be disastrous, leaving you with a major headache on your hands. What about pet owners who want to flush their cat’s litter down the toilet? This will also be a problem, since litter is made in a way that makes it clump up when it gets wet. You will end up with something like cement in your toilet.

Even floss shouldn’t be flushed down, since the thread could get caught on something in your pipes which could end up being a collection point for other things, leading to a clog.

While it might be tempting to get rid of things in your toilet, the cost of fixing a serious clog should discourage you.

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