Anything that makes your home more beautiful is probably a welcome addition for you as a homeowner, but if your home has outdoor masonry work, you might be in a situation where maintenance is required for it to stay beautiful.

To be fair, this is probably true about every feature of your home, but outdoor masonry work can deteriorate to the point where it just falls apart if you don’t take some steps to protect it.

The reason why masonry work is so delicate is because of water. When you look closely at masonry work, you will notice that there are tiny cracks in the material. If water gets into those cracks, it will expand and contract with changing temperatures and it will wear out the masonry work.

To protect it you should first make sure that there is proper grading around the masonry work. If you notice that water pools up around it, the grading should be fixed to allow water to run away from it instead. You should also seal up the masonry work so that there isn’t any water sneaking into the cracks. There are many products available that you simply apply to the masonry work regularly to keep it protected.

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