Electricity can be found in nearly every home today. While it has become a part of daily life, electricity can still be dangerous. One such such danger can come from the misuse of the cables connecting all our appliances and the power supply in our homes.

The most important safety tip may seem obvious but is often neglected. Do not use frayed cords! Frequently check your cables and cords for fraying, perhaps while you clean your home. If you notice that a cord in your home has begun to fray, switch the item’s power off at the wall and discontinue using it until it has been properly repaired or replaced. That means using tape to cover the damage isn’t a good idea. A less obvious tip is to keep your cords away from anything hot. Stoves, heaters, and other hot items can deteriorate the cable’s protective layer. Finally, avoid running cables through hinges, which can wear them down quickly and cause damage that is less noticeable.

Use the convenience of electricity wisely by following these simple tips to keep your home and family safe.

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