When you are trying to keep your home cool in the summertime, are you concerned about the cost of running your air conditioner? You most likely are. Did you know that you could be wasting a lot of energy by having leaky windows? While most of us might just concern ourselves with leaky windows in the wintertime, they are just as harmful in the summer. Cool air will be leaking out and hot air will be leaking in through cracks and holes around your window. If you want to check where there might be a leak, you could have someone spot on the inside of the house while you shine a flashlight against the window-frame.

Fixing a crack in a window-frame isn’t very complicated. The most important thing is that you need to remove any rot that might be there, since leaving just a little behind would lead to it spreading once again. You also need to seal up the repair well so that water won’t get in and do damage once again.

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