There are few things that could ruin your winter the way a frozen pipe can. A frozen pipe can cut off your water supply, but worse, if it busts it could flood your home, leading to water damage and similar problems. With weather conditions being as unpredictable as they have been these days, it could happen anywhere. So, is there something that you as a homeowner can do to decrease the chances of this happening to you? Yes, there is!

If temperatures drop to levels that are below freezing, it might be necessary to take a combination of precautions to prevent pipe issues. The most involved method would include insulating pipes in the home, especially those that are going to be the most vulnerable. Pipe insulation can be purchased and cut to length to make the work easier.

Insulation is extra important when the pipes are in crawlspaces, attics, or basements where it is more likely that the temperature will drop low.

During a cold snap, you might need to open cabinets where there are pipes to allow warmer air to flow. Another helpful method to prevent freezing is to have a slow trickle of water running through the faucets in your home.

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