Do you know where mold comes from? You might find it troubling how molds will start growing in the strangest places, but the reason is that mold spores literally are found everywhere on earth. Mold is an essential part of the natural cycle of things, but it does prove to be a problem for homeowners. If mold spores find a place to grow in your home, you could quickly start experiencing respiratory issues and allergies. Of course, there are some types of mold that are more harmful than others, but you should try your best to avoid having any type of mold start growing in your home.

So how do you prevent mold growth? Well, it is important to remember what mold needs to grow. It prefers moist, dark places. This means that your basement is at increased risk. Your bathroom and kitchen sink are also high-risk areas for mold growth. By cleaning up spills and cleaning leaks as soon as possible, you can minimize the chance that mold will grow there.

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