If you are out and about and suspect that you might have touched something that is contaminated with the Coronavirus, it is so easy to pull a bottle of hand sanitizer out of your pocket or purse and rub your hands together. Hand sanitizer with an alcohol percentage over 60 is designed to kill viruses, and it does a fairly good job of doing so, but it shouldn’t be our primary way of cleaning our hands. Why is that? Well, while hand sanitizer, when used properly, will kill most viruses, it does not always kill them all. This is where handwashing shines. It has a two-fold attack against viruses. It kills them, and it also makes it so they can’t attach to the hand and stay in place. Soaping up well and rinsing off with hot water kills and removes viruses, whereas hand sanitizer only kills them. Grime and dirt could allow viruses that survive to stay on your hands and then transfer into your nose or eyes when you touch your face.

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