Metal roofing might not be what you would consider a viable option for your home. You might think that it would fit better on a shed or garage, but there are many good reasons to choose a metal roof.

While many have the impression that metal roofs are noisy, they base that on their experience with smaller buildings, but when you install a metal roof with solid sheathing, it shouldn’t be any noisier than roofs made out of other materials.

You might also have seen rusty roofs and think that this is something that is inevitable with a metal roof, but as long as you take care to keep water from accumulating on your roof, it should be rust-resistant. Especially if you make sure to check on the paint or coating that was applied to your roof. This helps prevent rust, and if it is chipped or scratched, you should cover it up immediately. You should also make sure that different types of metal aren’t in contact with each other since this could lead to corrosion as well.

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