When you go riding on your bike do you wear a helmet? This might be something you feel is unnecessary, but after you see the effect it can have when someone falls off of a bike without wearing one, you will likely change your mind. The same goes for wearing PPE (Personal Protective Equipment), you might just feel like it is cumbersome and hindering free movement when you are working, but in reality, the inconvenience is minor when you consider the injury you could sustain when not wearing it.

Depending on the job you are doing, the PPE you wear will be different. If you work with a liquid that could splash or spray into your eyes, protective eyewear is in order. If you are working with loud power tools, hearing protection should be worn, and when you are dealing with sawdust or paint, a breathing mask is important.

There is never a job that needs to be done so quickly that it is worth not wearing the appropriate PPE.

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