It can be very dangerous to simply start drilling a hole in a wall without checking the wall itself first. The drill bit could hit a power cable or piping, causing expensive flooding damage, or giving you a shock!

To avoid this, you should make use of a digital detection device before reaching for the drill. In order to get accurate results when using one of these devices; don’t wear any jewellery on your hands, as that could confuse the sensors. Other electronic devices could also affect the sensors, so put your phone out of reach. Also make sure the device is flush with the wall in order to get the most accurate results. These devices often need to be grounded in order to properly detect any electrical cables, so no matter what shoes you are wearing, put your other hand on the wall away from where you are sensing, to ensure proper grounding. Finally, make sure to double check every spot by scanning over them a few times to be sure before you start drilling.

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