When it comes to choosing a sofa for your living space, there is more to consider than just it’s color or your budget. The sofa has to fit into your space and your lifestyle. It has to last, and be inviting in it’s comfort. It’s a good idea to check the different prices and qualities of available sofas when setting your budget, to make sure you’re getting a good product.

The next thing to consider is your need and lifestyle. Will your sofa have to survive a puppy’s paws? Young children’s games? Perhaps some spills? Textured fabrics, like wool, are best suited to seldom used furniture and when luxurious appearance matters most. But if you have children or pets, a smooth fabric like cotton or a durable fabric like microfibre would be best, as it can be washed when needed.

And then there is the design, the look. Will texture, shape, and color work well with the other items you have, or plan to have, in that space? This can have a huge effect on whether a couch is loved and lasts. There is little point in getting something durable if you aren’t going to want it around in a few years.

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