Have you ever thought that it would be nice to have a new bathroom faucet but didn’t feel like you wanted to spend the money to have someone do it for you? Well, here is some good news, you could probably do it yourself in an afternoon without too much trouble. While it might seem a little bit overwhelming at first, it really is a fairly simple process. As long as you make sure to take the one necessary step at the beginning, you also minimize the risk for any bad consequences. What is that step? Turning off the water supply to the sink. It might seem like a simple thing, but it can easily be forgotten and cause a huge mess.
Your faucet is usually connected with two nuts underneath the sink. You might also be required to remove a connection to the stopper in the sink before you can remove your old faucet.
If there is silicone around the faucet, this might need some help to come loose, and you should clean up any old silicone before installing your new one. After that, you just follow the same procedure that you used for removing the faucet in reverse to install the new faucet.

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