Have you ever noticed homes that have tiny sheds in their yards that for some reason are equipped with a really tall chimney? If so, then you have seen an outdoor wood boiler. Outdoor wood boilers are an alternate heating method that was developed to avoid the danger that having a heater indoors brings. Outdoor wood boilers function by burning fuel and heating up air or water that is then funneled into the living space for use. This will lower the risk for home fires and carbon monoxide poisoning, so it might seem like it is an ideal solution, but unfortunately, it does come with some side effects. One problem is that the chimney from an outdoor wood boiler doesn’t rise as tall as the chimney on your home. The exhaust from these devices has been known to blow into homes, either yours or your neighbor’s. In some areas outdoor wood boilers are banned, so you definitely should make yourself familiar with any legislation that would apply if you choose to install one.

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